Can I Sue my Lender?

YES, In fact it is the most viable solution for many.  HOWEVER you need to know when to file and what for.  

Honestly, the real power is in the legal arena if you have exhausted all other means.  Remember the levels of attorneys and what their purpose is for.  More information can be found at

Many people will shy away because of the expense involved and turn to Bankruptcy Attorneys, which is fine for some but may not help in the long term. Yes, even Federal Bankruptcy protection is just a stalling mechanism. I have seen Chapter 13’s fail. These are set with a 5 year restructure period, or until mutually dismissed or discharged.  It has to make sense for your situation. 
Now most Real Estate Attorneys will charge you a min $25,000 retainer to even go up against a bank, and even then these cases could run you up to $100,000 or more. Let’s face it the banks attorneys are well paid. So many people turn to Real Estate Predators.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has banned up front or monthly fees for loan modification agencies as well as the agencies who have taken advantage of desperate people who are turning to us as Industry professionals for solutions. This has also branched out to those companies promising to buy your home and sell it back to you at 80% value in 3-5 years. These are illegal tactics. 

Right now, only an attorney can collect up front fees.  If you have fallen victim to this type of situation, please file an immediate complaint with the FTC.

Class Actions mean the attorneys are going after similar frauds to line their pockets.  These are wrongful foreclosure suits that mostly pay out a few hundred dollars to the actual damaged party.  You usually are only asked for your situation.
Mass Tort litigations, means the attorney is negotiating with the banks attorney.  These run around $5000 up.  

Direct Attorney support.  These are specific to your situation, if you have suffered a direct fraud that with its proximity cause you harm.  

Potential candidates for a lawsuit are included but not limited to purchases or refinances from 2001+ for Interest only product , Pick a Payment, Prepayment penalty, Negative Am, Balloon payments  ,80/20 Stated income, Denial or Termination of Loan Modification, Broker who charged excessive fees or Wrongful Foreclosure.

Doing nothing is what got us here in the first place.   To think that this will all go away, is naive.   

If you want things to change, you need to help make this happen. To get the steps you need to do to CYA- Cover your Assets Go to

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